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Easily Deploy Hybrid ERC-20721 Collections with Native Staking, Borrowing and More.


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What is Gumball?

GumBall is a launchpad and liquidity layer for creating and trading liquid NFTs. All NFTs created via GumBall’s architecture are backed by instant liquidity in a bonding curve. This eliminates the need for third-party marketplaces or order books, meaning digital assets issued via GumBall can act as their own marketplace.

GumBall makes NFTs easily tradable and provides users with an experience similar to that of traditional AMMs. Its virtual bonding curve system allows users to buy, sell, and stake NFTs, earning yield from swap fees and borrowing liquidity against their NFTs without risk of liquidation or interest. The bonding curve always ensures every NFT is backed by liquidity in the form of an ERC20, such as $ETH, WBT, etc as well as yield bearing assets.

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What is a Collection Key?

When an NFT collection is launched on GumBall Protocol, a corresponding amount of ERC20 tokens are also created for that collection. These collection keys are specific to each GumBall NFT collection and represent a fungible version of 1 NFT. Collection keys help bridge the gap between liquidity in a collection’s bonding curve and the NFT itself, while allowing for deeper composability within DeFi. Both collection keys as well as NFTs function similarly on GumBall in terms of staking and borrowing.

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How to publish collections?

Use the new GumBall Create Page to easily deploy liquid NFT collections. Upload your images, format metadata and set parameters in just a few clicks. Once deployed, open a ticket in our Discord for speedy listing on our UI

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